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All Natural 100% Coconut Oil Soap With Chlorophyll. Excellent for soothing skin, this Chlorophyll Coconut Oil Soap is made with 100% Chlorophyll which researches states is an antioxidant also for the skin. This soap provides deep cleansing but moisturized cleansing with the coconut oil that it’s made with. This soap made with 100% chlorophyll and Lemongrass Essential Oil, will provide soothing to skin irritation cause by acne soap, eczema soap, psoriasis soap. The Lemongrass Essential Oil in this soap brings forth a bright citrusy and invigorating scent. This is also a soothing safe soap and gentle soap. This soap is made with 100% chlorophyll soap and 100% organic coconut oil soap. This soap is a simple soap, soothing soap and effective soap enough to be an effective deep cleansing but gentle spa soap.

Windy Forest Soap With Chlorophyll Bath & Face | Shop Naturally Naz

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