Starting Up

How To Start A Cafe LiBrew®? What Are The Requirements?

Our first requirement is you need to fill up our Franchise Inquiry Application form above so we can review your application and check if you are a good fit and are qualified to start a Cafe LiBrew® outlet in your area. Second requirement is a stable financial capacity to invest in an outlet, renovations, the franchise fee, the initial supplies and equipment and other costs like marketing and restocking, needed to start the business.
Once you have passed the initial process, then we will invite you to an in-person discussion and a taste-testing at our Main Branch, and then we can finalize the Franchise Contracts, Agreements and then the Payments.

Will You Help Me Find A Good Location?

Depending on your location, we might have a couple of suggested and recommended locations to setup a Cafe LiBrew® outlet. But it's the job and responsibility of the Franchisee to look for and scout a good rentable space with good and sufficient natural foot traffic such as places near Public Markets, Schools, Churches, and Government Offices.

What Makes Cafe LiBrew® Different and Unique From Other Milk Tea & Coffee Shops?

Our main Unique Selling & Value Proposition (USP) at Cafe LiBrew® is that we are the only Library Cafe in the Philippines in offering additional value to our customers by giving them space to read life-changing books from our own library, while enjoying a delightful brewed beverages from us such as Milk Teas, Coffees, Frappes, Fruit Teas and more. We also value personal creative and artistic expression of our customers and our franchisees, therefore every Cafe LiBrew® outlet is uniquely different from each other, therefore every outlet is a desTEAnation by itself.
And as a Franchisee of Cafe LiBrew®, you are entitled to use an already well-known brand in the market, with thousands of loyal customers served and an already proven & tested business system to accelerate your success.

Do You Provide a Comprehensive Manual for the Operation?

Yes, we will provide a detailed Operations Manual to help you on all the aspect of franchise outlet's day-to-day operation.

Are The Renovation & Construction Costs Already Included In The Package?

No, it's not included. Package costs only cover Franchise Fee, Initial Supplies & Equipment, Training, Operations Manual, Business System, Menu, Pricing, and Recipe. Cost in renovating your shop such as Signages, Furniture, Heavy Appliances such as Refrigerator and Chiller, Finishing and etc. should be covered by Franchisee, separate from the Franchise Package.

How Much Do I Need To Spend For Renovations & Interior Design?

Depending on the budget of the franchisee, renovations and interior design can range from P100k-P300k for basic, decent-looking small shops, and P300k up for a much more detailed and better looking interiors. The more attractive your shop is to younger market, the easier it is to attract customers.

How long does it usually take to open an Franchise Outlet?

Depending on how fast your contract workers can work on the renovations of your cafe. Some outlets especially kiosks and carts and even small cafes can open as fast as 2 weeks, while other outlets especially full cafes usually take 1 month.

Who will hire the baristas or employees? Will you provide one?

It's up to you the Franchisee to scout and hire the employees, but as part of our franchise network, you will have access to our 600+ page Operations Manual where you can read and learn more about best practices and our SOPs on Hiring employees as guidance for you as a new business owner of Cafe LiBrew.

Capitalization & Return on Investment

How Much Total Capitalization Do I Need?

Total capitalization needed will also depend on your chose Franchise Package. For Lite Cafe, minimum space required to start is just 4 sqm. So you can start an outlet by renting an already built food cart/stall such as Sugbo Mercado and start operating at almost zero renovation and construction cost. For Half-Cafes, we recommend at least 12 sqm. For a beautifully constructed shop design and interior, range is around P100k-P300k plus the P150k Franchise Package. For Full Cafes, we recommend at least 30 sqm. For a beautifully constructed shop design and interior, range is around P300k-P600k plus the P250-P350k Franchise Package.

When Can I Expect A Return on Investment (ROI)?

Based on our previous performances, you can have a Return On Investment as fast as 6 months. For a much more conservative computation, you can have an ROI in 1 year

What is a Monthly Continuation Fee? And what does it include?

As a Franchisor, we don't collect a Percentage-based Monthly Royalty Fee based on our franchisee's Gross sales. Instead, we just collect a fixed Monthly Continuation fee. P2k for Lite, P3k for Half Cafe, and P5k for Full Cafes per month. The advantage for you as a franchisee with this type of arrangement is despite having very high gross sales per month, for example, P300k/mos. we won't be collecting a 5% royalty fee (or P15k/mos), but will only collect the said fixed Monthly Continuation Fee. The Monthly Continuation fee does not include any supplies or equipment, and is purely used by us (the franchisor) to be able to continuously support you every month and include your outlet in the NAF (National advertising fund), as well as our constant R&D (Research & Development) and updates of new promos, flavors, sales & marketing strategies and training, etc.

Help & Support

What Kind of Assistance Is Provided To Franchisee Before Opening The Cafe LiBrew® Outlet?

The franchisor representative provides guidance and support to franchisees inn acquiring all the equipments and inventory supplies, provide Grand Opening assistance and various types of ongoing support once doors have opened.

Will You Help us Train Our Staffs?

Yes, Training is included in the Franchise Package, and a printed Barista Manual will also be provided so that your staffs can review all methods, procedures and recipes after training. Training of staffs will usually be done a day before your Grand Opening so as to have fresh, first-hand experience in handling orders.

Can We Ask For Help & Guidance From The Franchisor Once We Start Operating?

Yes! And not only from your Franchisor, but also from your fellow Franchisees. That's the main advantage of being part of a Franchise network business such as Cafe LiBrew®. And as long as you're up-to-date with your Monthly Franchise Continuation Fee, you can request for any business consultations from your Franchisors for free.